Meet-Me II Overview


Audio conferencing with the Meet-Me II (MM-II), is achieved either automatically or manually. In the AUTOMATIC "meet me" method, callers are linked together by dialing a designated phone number, or an extension through an automated attendant. MANUAL conference calls are set up by a coordinator, who places or receives calls to or from the participants and transfers them to the conference bridge. Whichever method is used, the MM-II will answer the calls with an entry tone. The first caller into the system will hear the entry tone and if other callers are already on the bridge, the conversation may begin.

The MM-II is a modular design. The base unit includes a primary wall or rack mounted shelf, equipped with common equipment, power supply, a 4 and/or a 5 port Line Card, and optional Switched Gain-Equalizer circuit packs for each port. The primary shelf has a capacity of 4, 5, or 9 conference participants. The MM-II may be expanded with two additional shelves to accommodate a system of 13, 14, or 18, to a maximum of 27 participants.

Also available is the Meet-Me Lite version. The Lite has the same functionality of the standard MM-II, but is designed for use where the Switched Gain-Equalizer cards are not required. Please call one of our Sales Engineers to determine if the Lite is suitable for your application

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